Today there is a wide list of manufacturers of additives and premixtures for animal feed of excellent quality.

Despite our short journey, we aspire to appear at the top of that list, our name being a worldwide reference.

But also, what do we offer our clients so they want to continue with us?

The answer is very simple: ourselves. When we say “ourselves”, we mean to offer what we expect to be offered. Of course, that includes excellent quality and service, competitive prices and good technical support. Our essence rests on three pillars that we consider fundamental to progress

  1. Guarantee the health and welfare of animals and promote their productivity to the fullest;
  2. Offer a humane, personalized treatment and prioritizing the demands of each client.
  3. To provide quality and tranquility to the producers and that our solutions are adapted to their needs.

With our corporate phrase “WHEN QUALITY BECOMES AN OBLIGATION” we want to force ourselves to give our best.

We have a long way to go, but we are confident that we will improve at every step, counting on our growing experience and that of our international family.