Essential oils

Products based on essential oils from different plant species. This range includes natural alternatives to promote intestinal health and prevent digestive alterations caused by pathogenic microorganisms (particularly coccidia), as well as to prevent and alleviate respiratory diseases.


    Essential oils with antimicrobial, antioxidant and immune system enhancement properties. Acts at digestive level inhibiting the development of pathogenic bacteria and protozoa parasites. Helps protect the integrity of the digestive mucosa and maintain proper intestinal health.

    Type: L (Liquid)

    Packing: 100ML, 1L, 5L


    Mixture of essential oils designed to prevent and treat in a natural way the respiratory problems, relieve symptoms of caloric stress, and eliminate excess mucus. Helps control post-vaccination reactions in poultry.

    Type: L (Liquid)

    Packing: 100ML, 1L, 5L


    100% natural flavouring, with high bioavailability of its components to stimulate the animals' feed intake and improve their digestive health.

    Type: P (powder)

    Packaging: 25 KG


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