Litter dryer and ammonia binder

The control of humidity and ammonium levels (caused by droppings) in the bedding of animals is necessary to prevent the occurrence of respiratory alterations, lameness problems or disease transmission. We offer natural solutions to help control bed hygiene.


    Activated mineral mixture for use as a desiccant and ammonia binder in animal litter.

    Type: P (Powder)

    Packing: 25KG


    Product in powder form to apply in the bed or directly on the animals. It helps to keep the bedding of the animals dry, prevents the appearance of respiratory alterations caused by an excess of environmental ammonium from the excrement, and provides a pleasant smell to the farm. It also has insecticidal properties. Natural and non-toxic ingredients if ingested.

    Type: P (Powder)

    Packing: 2KG, 3KG, 25KG


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