Natural tranquilizer based on vegetable extracts and magnesium. Promotes muscle relaxation and attenuates the effects of stress caused during the production cycle (aggressive pecking, transportation, etc.), improving animal welfare.

    Type: P (Powder)

    Packing: 25 KG


    Micronized aluminum aerosol. It favors the healing of skin wounds and protects them against dirt and insects.

    Type: S (Spray)

    Packing: 270ML


    Product in powder form to apply in the bed or directly on the animals. It helps to keep the bedding of the animals dry, prevents the appearance of respiratory alterations caused by an excess of environmental ammonium from the excrement, and provides a pleasant smell to the farm. It also has insecticidal properties. Natural and non-toxic ingredients if ingested.

    Type: P (Powder)

    Packing: 2KG, 3KG, 25KG


    Shampoo based on essential natural essences, adapted to the pH of the horse's skin. Marked insect repellent activity.

    Type: L (Liquid)

    Packing: 1L


    Shampoo based on vegetable extracts, specially designed for horses with skin alterations (flaking, dermatitis, itching, etc...).

    Type: L (Liquid)

    Packing: 1L


    Shampoo rich in biotin to care for the skin and hair of the horse.

    Type: L (Liquid)

    Packing: 1L, 5L


    Product in gel form based on natural extracts. It acts on the fatigued muscles of the horse, exerting a toning, refreshing and reanimating effect.

    Type: G (Gel)

    Packing: 450G


    Mixture of natural clay and vegetable extracts. Muscle invigorating and toning effect after physical efforts.

    Type: P (Powder)

    Packing: 1KG, 3KG


    Laurel oil to apply on the horse's hoof. Protects the hoof and helps to maintain an adequate level of humidity.

    Type: L (Liquid)

    Packing: 1L


    Strengthens the hoof and favors its elasticity.

    Type: G (Gel)

    Packing: 1KG, 5KG


    Product based on biotin and plant extracts to promote the regeneration of the horse's hoof and frog.

    Type: L (Liquid)

    Packing: 1L


    Conditioner for horsehair and tail. Provides elasticity and softness for better brushing.

    Type: L (Liquid)

    Packing: 500ML

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